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Bringing the street scape to life

The visual character of our homes is only part of the story. The entire streetscape design is equally as important to us in creating desirable places to live.

The character of the site is open and simple, giving the landscape a sense of space and providing expansive views across the outskirts of Brechin

Within our selection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses and cottages, the form of each home is based on the reinterpretation of the rural historical style, to create a more contemporary Scottish vernacular design. Brechin West has been planned specifically to foster a strengthened sense of place within the wider community.

Scale and style have been used to enhance the character of Brechin and its surrounding countryside, providing a renewed identity for the expansion of the town. To allow for a generous flow of sunlight, many of these homes adopt a dual aspect layout, creating bright and airy interiors. The scale of these properties range from 1 storey cottage- style homes to 1.75 storey homes, with asymmetrical patterns of vertically-orientated windows, which give residents the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views to the south of the town. 

A simple range of materials is incorporated within the design to effortlessly enrich the light and open feel of the development, both throughout the streets and within each home.

We want to really bring a place to life: to establish a strong sense of activity and character. House elevations and floor plans are thoughtfully tailored to promote community living. Front doors open onto the street in most cases, encouraging a more inclusive street space. Kitchen windows are specifically orientated to allow views over the public spaces and key locations. Corner windows and dormers are carefully placed to overlook attractive streetscapes and landscaped areas.

Hard building edges and soft landscaped hedges are used to help define outdoor spaces, creating strong boundaries and street enclosures. Brechin house types typically feature low eaves, combined with shallow front gardens, helping to create an intimate and domestic scaled streetscape.

We take great care to alternate house types throughout the development: creating strong variations in street frontage. From street corners to lanes, parks to pathways, everything we do is designed to create an attractive and safe public realm that everyone can enjoy.