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Caring for our customers

Scotia Homes is on hand to accompany you on every step of the home buying journey.

We understand that buying a home is often the most important purchase our customers will make in their lifetime, which is why we work hard behind the scenes to ensure that your journey, from your first enquiry to moving in, and beyond, is as smooth, reliable, transparent and enjoyable as it possibly can be.

Whether you’re popping into our marketing suite for the very first time or moving into your new home, we understand that each step you take is an important one, so we want to make it special.

Our sales team will guide you through the purchase of your home, right up to completion and handover. We’ll inform you of progress, the choices and options available and what to expect when you move in. Before you move in, we’ll be available to answer any questions you may have. And from the moment you do move, our friendly and dependable customer care team will be on hand to guide you through the first few months and years in your new home. The team is there to help you settle in and ensure your home is exactly as it should be. You’ll be provided with all the information you need, from appliance manuals to maintenance instructions, contact details for factors to out of hours services. And we’ll answer any further queries you have, because there’s nothing more important to us than a happy customer.

Scotia Homes is committed to providing exceptionally high quality, both in terms of service and the product itself. Every new home goes through a settling process, and our customer care and maintenance teams are dedicated to making sure any issues are remedied quickly, effectively and conveniently for you. Additionally, we are constantly striving to improve our building process to ensure that any potential risks are identified and reduced as far as possible. All of our properties benefit from a ten-year NHBC warranty. This is complemented by a warranty from Scotia Homes for the first two years. So you can rest assured that when you purchase a Scotia home, you’ll receive a level of service that matches the importance to you of this exciting stage in your life.

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