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5 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Move Home

9th Jul, 2024

Over half of Brits (51%) say summer is their favourite season ( for its longer days, sunnier evenings and not having to wear a coat named as a few of the key reasons why.

Moving house in summer can be a great idea for several reasons:

Summer typically offers better weather conditions when moving home. The warm and dry weather can make the moving process easier and more pleasant, particularly moving furniture from A to B, looking after your turf and more likely to bump into your new neighbours. Many local communities often host events and school gala days too, which are encouraged to attend to help meet new people and get involved with the area.

Longer daylight hours in the summer provide more time to move during the day especially if you have a lot of belongings to transport. Just don't forget to hang your curtains - the nights are light and it's a new environment, and we all know the importance of sleep. At Scotia, our Sales Advisors can allow access for curtain and blind companies to measure up before your move-in date, so when you get your keys, works can be instructed immediately. With the sun, however, you can truly benefit from your new solar panels (which are installed across selected Scotia developments), saving you money from day 1.

For families with children, moving in the summer means the kids are on school holidays, making the transition easier without disrupting their school schedule.

Summer is a popular time for car boot sales, so you can declutter and sell unwanted items before the move, making the packing and moving process lighter. Similarly, you can find a bargain or two when making your new place your own. Who doesn't love changing up the colour scheme!

Moving in the summer allows you to settle into your new home before the colder months, giving you time to adjust and make any necessary changes before winter. It also encourages you to open windows where possible which helps the drying out process of your new home. As your house is still drying out, it can lead to small cracks due to shrinkage - this is completely normal. This can be made worse by excessive heat so try to resist turning the thermostat right up.

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