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Highwood, Croy Public Consultation

Proposed residential development of 100 dwellinghouses, together with associated infrastructure within the village of Croy.

The proposed scheme will incorporate an element of mixed use thereby broadening the range of facilities in an accessible location near to the centre of the village. It will also create generous areas of open space and tree planting, all of which will be easily reached via new footpath links. The house designs are a contemporary re-interpretation of historic  characteristics designed to complement the local area and contribute positively to the character of Croy.


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Event 1 - 16th March 2016

Event 1 - 16th March 2016

These boards summarise the discoveries of recent studies looking at the effects of the proposals on the local community. The findings will provide a foundation for gathering feedback from the community during the pre-planning process.

  • Vision (page 1)
  • Site (page 2)
  • Context Analysis¬†(page 3)
  • Strategic Masterplan (page 4)
  • Phase 1 Masterplan (page 5)
  • Phase 1 Sketches (page 6)