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An assured sale of your existing house

Welcome to Assured Sale from Scotia

Assured Sale gives you the best of both worlds: ample opportunity to sell your current house, and peace of mind that you have a guaranteed buyer to fall back on if you need it.

Assured Sale allows you to market your current house on the open market and sell it when you and a suitable buyer. However, if you have not found a suitable buyer for your property 10 weeks before moving into your new Scotia home, you can rest assured that Scotia Homes’ assured price (as agreed with you at the time of your reservation) will come into effect and Scotia Homes will buy your current property from you in Part Exchange. How fair is that?

If you want help selling your home, ask about Assured Sale from Scotia.

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Terms & Conditions

The assured price of your existing house must be a minimum at 30% less than the price of your new Scotia home. The £750 reservation fee and 5% deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of your new Scotia home. The assured price is based on 90% of the average of the two independent surveyor valuations. Estate agency fees will be refunded within 10 working days on receiving confirmation of payment to your estate agency.

Estate agency fees mean: > Marketing fees up to £150 plus vat, > Photography fees up to £100 plus vat, > Advertising fees up to £500 plus vat, > Selling fees up to 1% of the selling price of your existing house.

Assured Sale

Assured Sale

For more information, please download the Assured Sale leaflet.