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The Customer Service Journey

Guiding you along the process

An overview of the customer journey process - from completion to the 12 month maintenance period


Normally, a handover will take place on a Friday. Then, on the following Monday morning, your Customer Care Coordinator will contact you by phone and/or email. The Customer Care Coordinator will take over from your Sales Adviser and be a regular point of contact. Your Customer Care Coordinator will be on hand to answer any questions.

Plus, the Customer Care Coordinator will be responsible for making arrangements to resolve any warranted defects in your new home and ensure maintenance requirements are met.


After 7 days, we will contact you to see how you are settling into your new home.

We will update you on previously reported items and take note of any new ‘living items’ you may have noticed in the property.” 

Examples of which are:

  • Internal doors requiring trimmed after floor coverings have been laid

  • Internal doors not latching

  • Taps dripping or toilet flush running

Examples of items we do not accept at this stage are:

  • Paintwork (shrinkage 2mm and above will be dealt with at the twelve-month maintenance stage)

  • Dents/marks/scratches to any surfaces, glass, sanitary ware or walls etc.

  • Repairs/paintwork to skirting boards, if the flooring has been fitted by your own contractor

  • External items such as chipped slabs or steps

  • Landscaping – topsoil and turf (if applicable) to be maintained from the date of handover


After 28 days, we will contact you by phone and/or email and, at this point, routine maintenance items should now be complete.


After 35 days, you will receive an electronic customer survey. We value your feedback and so we encourage you to complete this survey.


Approximately 11 months after Handover, we will contact you by phone and/or email so you can report any outstanding items before the 12 month mark.

When we receive your report, your Customer Care Coordinator will arrange for an inspection of these items and afterwards ensure all warranted defects are resolved.

Warranted defects, during this period, are defined as faults in materials and workmanship; excluding anything that is considered as a normal feature of the drying-out period or wear and tear.

If Scotia Homes is required to carry out maintenance in your home then please ensure our Maintenance Team has easy access to the relevant parts of your home. Ensure you move, or cover, any personal items and furniture to prevent breakage or damage.

All new homes go through a drying-out period, therefore you may notice some effects such as popped nails and shrinkage cracking.

These items are all perfectly normal for a newly built property and are not classed as defects, however if you experience excessive effectsof the drying-out period in your home then Scotia Homes will remedy these at the end of the 12 Month Maintenance Period. Where necessary to carry out remedial work then we will redecorate the affected areas; but cannot redecorate whole walls or ceilings.

What is Covered in the 1 Year Maintenance Check?

Popped nails - that need to be filled or painted


Excessive shrinkage - cracks greater than 2mm as a result of drying out and need to be filled or painted. This may show in certain light conditions.


Doors that need to be adjusted


Sealant to showers or bath - that need to be renewed


Defects or faults not attributed to wear and tear - within the warranty terms


Painting whole walls


Hairline shrinkage cracks - less than 2mm


Any damage to the property caused after handover and not previously reported i.e. scratches, marks, chips to walls (internal and external), wear and tear plus lack of general upkeep


Any cracking/paintwork to skirting boards - if flooring was fitted by your own contractor


Discolouration of walls or ceilings due to candle smoke


Mould caused by lack of ventilation


Any issue not considered a warranted defect under the terms of the NHBC Buildmark warranty


Customer Care Team

The Scotia Homes Customer Care Team is here to help you with your new home.

Team Members

    • Kieran - Customer Service Manager
    • Michael - Maintenance Team Manager
    • Lynn - Senior Customer Care Coordinator
    • Lesley - Customer Care Coordinator

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Customer Care Team
Consumer Code & NHBC

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Consumer Code & NHBC

The Consumer Code for Home Builders sets mandatory requirements that all home builders must meet in the selling of homes, including marketing and after sales customer service.