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Part Exchange in Aberdeenshire

2nd Jul, 2024

Part Exchange can be a valuable tool for customers looking for a hassle free move when buying a new build house and is available on selected homes for sale in Aberdeenshire. But what is Part Exchange and how does it work?

What is Part Exchange?

Part Exchange is a risk free way to sell your current home to a guaranteed buyer: Scotia Homes. Scotia will not only buy your existing home, we’ll save you time and money which will facilitate the purchase of your new Scotia home.

How does Part Exchange work?

  1. Reserve your new Scotia home with a £1000 reservation fee
  2. Two independent chartered surveyors are instructed to carry out a valuation of your current property
  3. You and Scotia discuss the purchase price for your current property based on the valuations
  4. If the purchase price is not agreed for the sale of your current property, Scotia returns the reservation fee to you less the cost of the valuation reports
  5. If the purchase price is agreed for your current property, Scotia issue the contract of exchange and purchase to your solicitor
  6. Contract is concluded within 14 days
  7. Agreed deposit is paid to Scotia within 7 days of contract concluding
  8. Move into your new Scotia home

What are the advantages of Part Exchange?

One of the Part Exchange removes you from the chain of selling and allows you to move out of your old home and into your new Scotia home on the same day. As Scotia purchase your home, you avoid selling fees and receive a fair market price.

What is 105% Part Exchange?

For a limited time, 105% Part Exchange is available on selected homes for sale in Tarves at our Willowburn development. This is where you receive 5% above the fair market value for your existing home when moving to a Scotia home in Tarves.

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