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Scotia Install Defibrillator at Ellon Head Office For Public Access

4th Jun, 2024

Scotia are committed to supporting the communities in which it builds and creates opportunities.

Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) are hugely important for the safety and wellbeing of our communities. According to Resuscitation Council UK, early defibrillation within 3–5 min of collapse can increase survival rates by as high as 50-70%.

Having a Public Access Defibrillator based at Head Office allows 24/7 availability for the Scottish Ambulance Service as well as everyone at Balmacassie, Ellon.

The code for the lock box is C190 if you need to access the defib in an emergency. This code is on the Scottish Ambulance Service’s database if you dial 999.

Stuart Jones, HSEQ Manager at Scotia Homes - the driving force behind this initiative - spoke of the significance this makes to the community: “At Scotia all our construction sites, head office in Ellon and remote office in Kingsmuir have defibs available. All our first aiders on construction sites and offices are also trained on CRP and use of AED’s.

“We have our Defib at our office in Ellon mounted at our entrance gate externally so it is available to both staff in the office as well as members of the public 24/7. We have registered this on ‘The Circuit – The National Defibrillator network’ so the Scottish ambulance service can direct anyone to it should there be a cardiac arrest in the area.

“After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CRP or a defib dramatically reduces survival rates. There are many defibs now available through the UK in different locations, but the emergency services often don’t know where they are so cannot direct people to them when they are most critically needed. Having defibs available to all will help save lives so we made ours accessible to the public 24/7 should this be needed.”

Aberdeenshire Counsil also said: “Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) are key to strengthening community resilience to respond to a cardiac arrest.

“PADs administer an electric shock to a person who is having a cardiac arrest. They are designed to be used by non-medical personnel to save lives.

“They provide audible instructions and sometimes visual prompts on a screen. A PAD will not allow a shock to be given unless it is needed, meaning it is extremely unlikely that it will do any harm to the person who has collapsed.”

“A defibrillator tells you exactly what to do, no training is needed. If someone is having a cardiac arrest, it simply needs to be switched on and it will talk the person through each step – it’s like having an expert in the room,” says James Cant, CEO of RCUK.

There are now 10 registered defibrillators in Ellon. The defibrillator at Scotia’s Head Office is located on the external wall of the car park, as you drive towards Balmacassie. WhatThreeWords location: seaside.dragonfly.niece.

You can find your nearest here - . This is not to be used in an emergency but to familiarise yourself should there be an incident in the future. In an emergency, call 999.

For more information, please call 01358 722441 or email