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What are the advantages of solar panels?

26th Jun, 2024

Many Scotia homes feature solar panels as a means to improve sustainability and reduce energy bills for our customers. There are many advantages of solar panels, not just for the environment or your monthly payments, but in terms of maintenance, longevity and control.

But how do solar panels work?

The solar PV panels on the roof absorb light and convert it into electricity. A device called an inverter conditions the electricity so that it is suitable to use in the house.

When you use more electricity than the solar panels produce, the solar energy is topped up with electricity from your supplier. If the panels are producing more than you need, the excess is exported to the grid for others to use.

How much do solar panels cost?

Features such as solar panels come as standard on many properties and help towards our commitment to building to the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

These are included in the purchase price of your property and are not considered an extra for you to pay.

How much does having solar panels save me?

According to, and based on Energy Saving Trust estimates, you could save between £110-£410 a year off bills at the current Energy Price Cap rates. This is based on a typical household with a 3.5 kilowatt-peak system and does depend on system size, electricity use, when you’re at home and using the energy and other factors.

What are the advantages of solar panels?

Solar panels can help reduce electricity bills by generating your own clean energy from the sun, decreasing reliance on the grid. Every unit of electricity you use from these panels is a unit you don’t have to buy from your electricity supplier: saving you money. And if you can time the use of appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, to the middle of the day when the panels are producing at their peak, you’ll save even more.

Solar energy is a renewable resource that produces no greenhouse gas emissions, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar panels require minimal maintenance, typically just occasional cleaning, and can last for decades, providing long-term benefits.

By generating your own electricity, you become less dependent on external sources, giving you more control over your energy usage.

Installing solar panels can increase the value of your home, making it more attracted to potential buyers in the future.

Find out where Scotia are building in Scotland that feature solar panels, for your consideration.

Aberfell, Arbroath

A modern collection of 3 and 4 bedroom homes by the peaceful Angus coast.

Willowburn, Tarves

A contemporary collection of 3 and 4 bedroom homes in the picturesque village of Tarves, Aberdeenshire.

The Grange at Hazelwood, Blairgowrie

A limited collection of 3 and 4 bedroom homes for sale in the recently awarded second best place to live in Scotland for 2024, Blairgowrie.