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Looking to try out DIY Christmas decorations this year?

We’ve created an easy step-by-step guide on how to make a DIY wreath for your front door. Many of the supplies you’ll need for this can be foraged from your own garden or woodland such as foliage, pine cones and branches. Alternatively, visit your local florist who will be happy to provide you with some seasonal branches!

What you’ll need:

  • Foliage - holly bush, eucalyptus, seed heads (for example from a poppy plant), moss, branches/twigs, pine, bay leaves, dried orange slices or red berries also work well. Get creative and use whatever you have available!
  • Wired frame - you can either use strong wire, a wooden hoop or rattan grapevine - any of these can be purchased at a local craft store or bought online. This can be kept and reused every year! This should be approx 25cm in diameter.
  • Florist’s wire (to keep everything in place)
  • Thick ribbon

How to assemble:

  • Firstly, tie the end of your florist’s wire onto the frame by twisting it on
  • Lay one layer of moss round the full circle in bunches - this will provide some substance and padding for your wreath.
  • Secure your bunches of moss by wrapping your wire all around the frame.
  • Split all the foliage into small bunches, larger pieces at the back and smaller pieces at the front.
  • Lay the first bunch of foliage on the frame and secure firmly with the wire.
  • Add more bundles in the same direction, overlapping the previous bunch.
  • Continue adding bunches of greenery until the full frame is covered.
  • Cut the wire and secure it by twisting it round the frame.
  • Now it’s time to add your smaller decorations such as pine cones, dried orange, berries etc. Cut shorter pieces of wire, twist it round a suitable part of the decoration and then attach to the wreath by positioning it and pulling the wire through to the back and wrapping it round the frame.
  • Lastly, add your ribbon! This will be used to hang it from your door so make sure you cut enough length. Loop it round the frame and tie it in a knot.

Get creative - add cinnamon sticks, spray the wreath white to give a frosted look or use the ribbon to tie a bow at the bottom of the wreath. Shop local this Christmas - visit your local florist or craft store for all your supplies!